Welcome to Fursona Snack Packs!
🍬We look forward to creating a tasty treat that's entirely YOU!🍭
Our next opening is TBA! Check our twitter for updates!

Snack Pack F.A.Q.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time via our social media handles, or our official business telegram handle: @PinkGatorPress

  • What IS a "Fursona Snack Pack"? - Fursona snack packs are adorable personalized shaker style keychains, made to resemble little packaged snack foods. Inside of each snack pack is an acrylic charm of your fursona, and two correlating food items with your snack pack's theme.

  • What are they made out of? - Our packs are made of a vinyl like plastic, filled with air and sealed tight to keep all of the goodies safe in side! They're fairly durable, but we cannot promise that they are invincible. Please try NOT to stomp on them, poke them with sharp objects, or subject them to intense heat!

  • How much do they cost? - We charge $150 for the artwork, + 10 snack packs shipped to your door! Each additional 10 packs added to your order will be +$45. Shipping is free inside of the contiguous United States, though we do offer international shipping for a fee.

  • How long will it take to get my order? - Because of Covid, shipping times may be a bit delayed. Delivery can take between 6-9 weeks on average. We work closely with our clients to let them know every update in the production of their custom treats ♥

  • Can I sell my Snack Packs once I get them? - Absolutely! We have no restrictions with what you want to do with your snacks once they get to your door! You can sell them, trade them, or just decorate every square inch of your home with em! Go nuts!

  • Will I be able to come back and order additional 'Packs after my initial order? - Yes. We do re-stocks with each new batch of snack pack orders. We have a re-stocking wait list you can request to be put on, so we know to contact you when it's time to order!

How to Order

We are very excited to work with you in creating your own custom Fursona Snack Pack!
Before placing an order, there are a few details that we would like to cover with you about our commissioning process.


Our 'Packs are sold in quantities of 10. Your first 10 units will be $150, as that encompasses the artwork and design of the packet itself, as well as production cost of 10 units. Each additional 10 units added to your order will cost an additional $45. We do not do orders of fewer than 10, because it simply isn't cost effective to us, our factory we work with, or the client commissioning the 'Pack itself.

We do not charge for shipping to any address inside any of the 48 contiguous United States of America. While we do offer international shipping, we quote shipping for these address on a case by case basis.

Designing your Snack Pack

When ordering your Snack Pack you will have the ability to pick out the defining features of your 'Pack! You decide what character you want in the shaker charm, the choice of sequins, and the flavor of the 'Pack. Please keep Snack Packs food themed. We do not allow for sexually explicit themes, drug paraphernalia, or alcohol.

Our artists will pick and design the charms that go inside of the 'Pack, making sure they fit our brand and properly reflect the flavor chosen for the packet.

Placing an Order

When we are accepting new orders, we will have a form live on the home page of our website! We tend to announce and send reminders for our openings on our Twitter, as well as our Telegram Notification Channel.

We try to open at least once a month, but cannot guarantee an opening every month. Our schedule and availability varies throughout the year.

Re-ordering Snack Packs

If you have already commissioned us for a custom Snack Pack, and would like to re-order more stock, you can reach out to us at any time to be placed on our Re-stocking Waitlist! We only do re-stocking orders when we are accepting new custom 'Pack orders. When placed on the waiting list, we will not invoice you until we are ready to place your order.

Re-stocking costs $65 for the first 10 units, and $45 for each additional 10 units added to your order.

If you have any further questions about how to place an order for your own custom Fursona Snack Pack, feel free to contact us at any time through any of our social media handles!